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The man that only acted by instinct could be very good but would keep his intelligence dormant. He would be like a child who would never leave the walking chair and did not know how to use her limbs. The one that does not dominate his passions may be very intelligent but, at the same time, very evil. Instinct annihilates by itself; the passions can only be dominated by the exercise of will.
Author: Allan Kardec
Font: Heaven and Hell, Second Part, Examples, Chap. V, Suicides – The father and the conscript
The one that is humble benevolently receives any censorship addressed to him, even the more unjust ones, since he knows well that injustice can never irritate the just.
Author: Unknown
Font: Spiritist Magazine, March 1861 – Family lessons of moral
Be grave and secluded but not sad, since sadness is a mute censorship addressed to God, who wishes to be praised in his works. As a matter of fact, why suffering in this sad life where everything vanishes except the good or the evil that we have realized?
Author: Mrs. ANAÏS GOURDON, n. 15
Font: Spiritist Magazine, June 1861 – Mrs. ANAÏS GOURDON, n. 15
The origin of evil is in the egotism and pride: the abuses of all kinds shall terminate when man is governed by the law of charity.
Author: Allan Kardec
Font: The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chap. XVI, item 8.
The most numerous evils are those created by man’s vices, those that come from his pride, selfishness, greed, of his excesses in everything.
Author: Allan Kardec
Font: Genesis - Chap. III – Good and Evil – Origin of good and evil, item 6.
God does not impose trials superior to the strengths of the one that requests them; He only allows those that can be accomplished. If that does not happen it is not due to lack of possibility: it is lack of good will.
Author: Saint Augustine
Font: The Gospel according to Spiritism, Chap. XIV, item 9. The ingratitude of children and family’s ties.
Attachment to material things constitutes a notorious sign of inferiority, because the more man is grasped to the assets of this world the less he understands his destiny. By disinterest, on the contrary, man demonstrates that he faces the future from a more elevated stand point.
Author: Good Spirits
Font: The Spirits’ Book, item 895.
Progress is God’s law; blame is anchor plunged into the past, hindering the individual from proceeding through new paths.
Author: No name.
Font: Psychographic message received in a familiar session on October 18th, 2012
If we want to ensure well that we make solid progresses in virtue, it is necessary that we don’t take any fault as light, and avoid them all with great care.
Author: Plutarcos
Font: Beautés des Oeuvres Morales de Plutarque, book one, Paris, 1835.
The duty is the most beautiful laurel of reason; it descends from that as the son from the mother. Man has to love his duty, not because it preserves life from harm, harm to which humanity cannot escape, but because it gives the soul the necessary vigor for its own development.
Author: Lazarus
Font: The Gospel according to Spiritism, Chap. XVII – Be perfect – Instructions of the Spirits – The duty.
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